We will protect the nature-abundant, safe and secured world for the future children.
EUYEN will develop environmentally-friendly products by using our proprietary natural-rubber foamed materials and
establish a brand which won’t harm the environment.
EUYEN’s products cannot be made only in one country.
EUYEN’s brand cannot be made by ourselves.
We hope EUYEN’s products will be manufactured, purchased and used by people in various countries,
which contributes to building our brand vision.
We will not manufacture products which destroy nature from products humans make.

“Mirai no Tameni” (For our future)


Do you know of it?

The world’s first “natural-rubber foamed material”

We will establish our status as “the world’s first ECO shoe brand” by developing products of combination of our own natural rubber material and other natural materials such as cotton and hemp and producing environmental-friendly shoes.

We’ll remove products that destroy nature from products humans make.
We’ll make efforts to do what we can do and develop products.
* In the process of PCT international patent application

Excellent foamed rubber shoes are created as such:
“planning, management and brand building in Japan”;
“manufacturing in China”; and
“acquiring raw materials from the Philippines and others”.

Our products cannot be made only in one country.
Our brand cannot be made by ourselves.
Our customers’ purchasing and using products will create our brand vision.


Company name
Millaye Inc.
CEO : Yutaka Kinoshita
35,000,000 yen
May, 2019
8-2-12 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
Art Gotanda 8B
Tel.03-6417-4198 Fax.03-6417-4199
Description of business
Business utilizing the world's first “natural rubber foam” patent.

- Operation of original brands (EUYEN), Manufacture and sale of sneakers
- Outsole brands (GENN) sales
- OEM production and sales of sneakers